5 Heartwarming Motivations Behind Adopting Small Dogs

Whether you call them small dogs, toy dogs, or miniature dogs, they’re all cute. They will bring a lot of adorable personality to the family and they will have more positive energy than many owners have in their pinky finger. However, many dog lovers are hesitant to get a small dog due to their challenges in training. There is a solution. If you can just overlook their cuteness quotient you’ll find that they can be trained and they can be very obedient.

Another huge concern that many dog lovers have is that the smaller dogs are more high maintenance meant for wealthy millionaires and their families. Since they have smaller coats, they require much less when it comes to grooming and they are lower in maintenance than their larger counterparts. If you’re seeking a lovable furball for your ideal companion, you may wish to consider a small or miniature dog.

Let’s take a look at some of their emotional factors such as why you may wish to consider a smaller sized, adorable little furball.

They Stay Small

When people fall in love with a puppy, they often fall in love with the small sized version of a much larger dog. This dog may then change in cuteness quotient as they grow older. Smaller sized dogs don’t change in cuteness, they are always cute, they are always small. This way, you’re likely to always feel as if you have a cute little puppy. It’s heartwarming to have a puppy at all times.

Require Less Space

Smaller dogs require much less space than larger dogs. Their ideal for small apartments or condos and they won’t require a lot of yard space. When you’re considering a pet and need something that is as small as your apartment or condo, you’ll love a small dog.


Small dogs are easy to take along with you wherever you go. You can carry them in a bag and take them with you regardless of where you’re going or what you’re doing. This way, you know that they’re not wrecking havoc at home while you’re gone.

Longer Lifespan Than Large Dogs

Smaller sized dogs tend to outlive their larger counterparts. Many will live to be 15 years old or more. If you’re seeking longevity in a pet, this may be your best choice.

Less Dangerous

Larger dogs may tend to bite younger children if they get too rough. Smaller dogs are much less likely to bite as smaller dogs much prefer cuddling. As long as children are taught how to properly cuddle the smaller sized dog the dogs are an ideal family pet.

Now that you know all of the great heartwarming motivations for adopting a smaller sized dog, you can choose a smaller sized dog with no regrets. get a lot more info at this website http://littledoggiesrule.com/

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